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I am a passionate golf coach, swing technician and mental coach with over 17 years of experience. I have dedicated my life to helping golfers play more effectively by understanding the laws of balance and motion and the cause and effect in the game of golf. I believe every player is unique and goal should be to build a swing that works for them based on their unique strengths and abilities. Let me help you build a personalized and custom golf swing that will improve your golf game.

Trevor Salzman

Golf Coach/Swing Technician

Areas of expertise.

I am a swing technician with a deep understanding of the fundamentals of the golf swing including:




Mental Game

Course Management

Golf Swing Cause & Effect

Relationship Between Rotation & Sequence


Get personalized coaching from anywhere with the Golf Live app!

My areas of expertise include understanding the importance of balance in the golf swing, the relationship between rotation and sequence, the importance of impact, the importance of the club face and the concept of cause and effect in the golf swing.

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