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Master Proper Golf Swing Technique for Power and Accuracy – Trevor Salzman

Are you ready to master your golf swing technique for power and accuracy? Watch the video below for a full demonstration: Improving your golf swing technique is crucial for adding distance and consistency to your drives. Even small adjustments to your form and motion can dramatically affect your ball’s striking and accuracy. This article will summarise the essential elements of an efficient golf swing technique. An effective golf swing technique requires coordinating your body’s movement patterns in sequence. First, establish a solid setup position with proper alignment and posture. From there, your swing technique involves shifting your weight and turning

chipping lesson kathryn imrie

Chipping Tips for Golf: Master Your Short Game

Chip Better in One Minute – Kathryn Imrie Whether you’re a beginner picking up clubs for the first time or a seasoned pro looking to shave strokes off your scorecard, having a solid short game is crucial for golf success. And one of the most important short-game skills is chipping. Mastering chipping tips for golf on how to chip the ball close to the hole can save you countless putts and help you avoid those dreaded double and triple bogeys. In this article, we’ll provide some essential chipping tips directly from PGA golf instructor Kathryn Imrie to help you gain


Optimizing Your Golf Swing: Proper Pelvis Setup for an Effective Backswing

Are you ready to take your golf swing to new heights? Prepare to discover the game-changing element that can transform your performance on the course. In this captivating blog post, we unveil the key to unleashing your golfing prowess: the optimal setup of your pelvis during the backswing. Delve into the intricacies of pelvis positioning, learn how to sidestep common pitfalls, and uncover powerful drills that will propel your swing to unimaginable heights. Get ready to revolutionize your game and leave your fellow golfers in awe as you step up to the tee with a newfound confidence. It’s time to

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Golf Swing Protraction: Trevor Salzman on Post-Impact Arm Position in the Golf Swing

  Book a lesson with Trevor Salzman in the Golf Live App today!   Mastering the golf swing can often feel like an uphill battle, but understanding and applying the principles of golf swing protraction can pave the way to success. This is not just a sport, but an intricate dance of physics and biomechanics, where every component of the swing contributes to the end result. One of the pivotal elements that warrant careful attention in your golf swing is the positioning and movement of the arms from P6 to P9, i.e., from hip-high to hip-high and slightly beyond. This


Golf Live Returns to the PGA Show

Golf Live is excited to announce its return to the PGA Show, which is being held January 24th to the 27th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. After debuting its patent pending “Live Replay” technology to the golf industry in 2022, Golf Live will introduce world-renowned coach Chris Como as an official partner at the 2023 Show. Those attending the PGA Show will have the opportunity to meet Chris on Thursday, January 26th at 10AM at Booth Number 3413. The annual trade show is the largest gathering of golf industry professionals in the world. The response to Golf


World-Renowned Coach Chris Como Joins Golf Live as an Official Partner

Golf Live, the revolutionary app that allows golfers and coaches to connect for live lessons at any time from any location, is building off a successful 2022 by introducing Chris Como as an official partner. “I have always aligned myself with partners that share my vision and can help optimize my skills as a coach,” said Como. “Golf Live provides many tools for coaches and players alike. Today more than ever, it’s important to connect with golfers in real-time. The Golf Live platform is unlike any other in the golf space. Golfers all over the world can now be confident


Golf Lesson Terms: An A-Z Guide

You don’t need to be a golf expert in order to get world-class coaching on Golf Live. In fact, you could have little to no experience in the game. But it doesn’t hurt to get familiar with the numerous terms. Here’s a complete A-Z guide for different golf swing terminology your coach might reference when taking lessons on Golf Live. A Alignment Stick: Simple training aid that can be used in a variety of ways to help with aim, swing path, and other alignment related focus areas. B Balance: Distribution of weight before and during the swing. Bowed: When the


You Could Win a Pack of Pro V1 and a FREE Lesson

The PNC Championship returns this weekend, as golf’s favorite father/son duo Tiger & Charlie Woods highlight the field. Being fans of Tiger, Golf Live is giving you the chance to win some great prizes right before the holidays! If Tiger and Charlie win this weekend’s PNC Championship, we’ll give away a free hour-long lesson to one random entrant. And if they don’t, we’ll still give away a pack of Titleist Pro V1 balls. Enter by Sunday, as a lucky winner will be randomly selected Monday. Good luck!  


How to Warm Up Like a Golf Pro

Are you a golf enthusiast? If so, then you know how important it is to warm up before each round. Warming up can not only help you play better golf, but also prevent injury and keep your muscles loose during your round. Here are some tips on how to get your body ready for the golf course. First, start with a light jog or walking briskly for 5-10 minutes. This will help increase your heart rate and get your blood flowing. As you jog/walk, focus on moving your arms as well; this will help activate the muscles in your shoulders


Golf Tips from the Pros – What It Takes to Play Your Best Game

Are you looking to up your golf game and take it to the next level? Then you’re in luck – we’ve got some pro tips straight from the mouths of the players themselves. Professional golfers are always striving for excellence and that means they’re always honing their skills and perfecting their techniques. With these tried-and-true tips, you can start playing like a pro in no time. Start with the basics. Before trying out any complicated techniques or fancy moves, make sure you have a good understanding of the fundamentals. This includes understanding how to grip your club, how to properly


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