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Daniel’s teaching philosophy is based on the experience he has gained learning from some of the best and brightest minds in the golf world such as David Leadbetter, Butch Harmon, Mike Bender, Hank Haney, David Edel and Fred Shoemaker- just to name a few. He is a big believer in the uniqueness of all golfers and the need to coach the individual, rather than having a student conform to a certain model or method. His approach to golf instruction is to teach the game using a skills-based system, to reduce variables and to coach his students on how to practice more effectively. A system, rather than a strict model or method of instruction, allows for the golfer’s individuality to be preserved while fixing their most detrimental flaws all the while having fun!

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At Imagen Golf, we strive to provide the best possible golf instruction money can buy. Period. This isn't your typical robotic and intimidating lesson plan.

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Golf is a difficult sport. There’s just no getting around it. But one of the most frustrating aspects of the game is that confusing and conflicting swing tips are everywhere. From your playing buddies to your dentist, everyone thinks they know the answers. At Imagen Golf, we’re here to quiet all the noise and help you play the best golf of your life. We offer private, group and virtual golf lessons powered by the Golf Live app.

Working closely with our certified golf instructors, you’ll be able to take control of your game and have way more fun out on the course. Contact us today to sign up for your first golf lesson. 

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