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How to Incorporate Virtual Lessons into Off-Season Coaching Packages

The golf season may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean your students have to stop working on their games. With the rise of indoor golf facilities, at-home simulators, and advances in video coaching technology, it’s easier than ever to continue providing instruction during the off-season. As a golf coach, you can keep students engaged and improving their skills all year round by incorporating virtual lessons into your coaching packages.


The Benefits of Virtual Golf Lessons

Virtual golf lessons provide flexibility and convenience for both coaches and students. As a coach, you can coach students remotely, freeing you up from having to be on-site for every lesson. For students, virtual lessons mean they can continue their instruction no matter where they are – at home, traveling, or spending part of the year in a different location.


Virtual lessons also enable the use of video analysis tools and applications. With high-quality, slow-motion swing review, you can provide detailed feedback and instruction to your students without being in the same physical location. The right technology allows you to draw angles and lines on video, telestrate on images, and actively engage with students.


Making Virtual Coaching Available to Golfers

Golf coaches used to be limited to teaching students in-person on the range, but with recent advances in video technology and coaching applications, everyone has access to high quality slow motion video and analysis tools. These tools enable all players to connect with their coach to continue making improvements in their game, while not having to be in the same location. Incorporating virtual coaching into your lesson packages may seem like fitting a round peg into a square hole, but it is more straightforward than you may think. Let’s demonstrate a few examples of how to include virtual coaching in your lesson packages.


Add-On to In-Person Package: deliver additional value by adding virtual coaching to your in-person packages

Students taking lessons in-person know the real work is done in between lessons – working on drills at home, grooving feels during practice sessions, and frequently checking in with their coach to make sure they are on track. Let us show you how to create a lesson package that includes in-person and virtual coaching.


In-Person Qty
In Person Lessons 2
15-Min Video Check In Calls 4
Remote Video Analysis 4
$549 / mo
$1,525 for 3 months


Hybrid Package: Provide the added value of flexibility to your students

By combining in-person and virtual lessons, you meet the needs of your students who may be frequently traveling, or spending a portion of the year in a different location. Let virtual coaching be an additional tool in your toolbox to help you stay connected with your students, and not stall out on making gains.


Hybrid Qty
In person lesson 1
15-Min Video Check In Calls 3
30-min Virtual Lessons 2
Remote Video Analysis 4
$499 / mo
$1,350 for 3 months


Virtual Package: Coach your students from anywhere, at anytime with virtual coaching

Offer virtual coaching to your existing students, or use it as a means to attract new students from anywhere in the world. With virtual golf coaching applications, such as Golf Live, you now have the ability to deliver high quality golf instruction virtually. You can package virtual coaching services to keep students active in your lesson book no matter what time of day or year.


Virtual Only Qty
45 min Virtual Lessons 2
15-minute check in calls 4
Remote Video Analysis 4
$299 / mo
$825 for 3 months



In conclusion, offering virtual coaching ensures you can keep students active and engaged, no matter the time of year. With the right technology, you can coach students as effectively as you can in-person. You don’t have to spend additional time on the range, and you don’t have to be stymied by not being in the same location as your students. Introduce virtual options into your coaching packages today and provide more value to your students!

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