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Golf Live Review of App, Lucas Cohen | An Instructor’s View

I’m super excited about using this awesome groundbreaking technology and sharing this GolfLive App review. It is so convenient from both an instructor and a student standpoint, which is the name of the game these days, convenience. From delivering lessons from the comfort of my home in the evening time after I put my children to sleep. To teaching on a rainy day when I was unable to teach outdoors, the technology simply allows me to have more availability. Teaching at off-peak hours adds another lesson or two to my schedule. When people say there aren’t enough hours in the day, we’ll now you have 1 or 2 more to teach or take a lesson.

It was also super convenient for the students as they were in their home, backyard, garage or on their own driving range, and most importantly on their time. In today’s fast pace world scheduling can be a challenge. With the Golf Live app you will eliminate the challenge of scheduling. As a student, if you need help, you simply dial pro like you would call a doctor on a telehealth visit. The technology is simple and the functions of the app are easy to use. Giving a student real-time feedback in any golf related setting makes this the most versatile golf instruction tool ever created! Students from all levels will benefit from having the entire session recorded for review. As well as swing clips that can be compressed into slow motion files for quick reference and key points for continuing improvements.  The messaging function within the app allows for file sharing and clear communication too.

We live in such a fast pace world with people wanting quick fixes and convenience.  This app offers students instant feedback from any place they would normally be able to practice or play. As long as they have a good cell signal, it’s literally game on!  It also offers instructors the ability to teach in their favorite chair, at their desk, in a hitting bay, on the course or wherever and whenever it’s convenient.

It’s the wave of the future and I look forward to the awesome ride ahead. Growing the game exponentially and helping players and coaches to improve is why we teach and play this wonderful game.

Golf Live Coach, Lucas Cohen

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