What does Golf Live do?

Golf Live is the premier solution for virtual, instant, golf lessons, all instructed by certified Golf Live Coaches. With our mobile app, patent-pending live replay, and recording technology, you can request a lesson and receive quality instruction. You have the option to schedule a lesson in advance and favorite pros you want to be connected with again. Golf better, anytime, anywhere, instantly. Available for download in the Apple App Store + Google Play Store.

What technology does Golf Live use?

Our custom, Patent Pending technology gives instructors the ability to record your live swing, show you replay feedback, illustrate with drawing tools as well as screen share to enhance your virtual golf lesson experience. Golf Live uses in-app messaging so coaches can provide feedback that is always accessible via your account.

How much does a lesson cost?

Lesson costs vary per lesson. Learn more about lesson costs in the Golf Live App by downloading it either on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once you have created an account select “Rates and Experience” in the app for lesson cost and enhanced experience tips. Lesson cost is dependent on the length and type of lesson, which is determined by the golfer. 


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