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Golf Tips for Beginners | The Importance of a Good Grip

One of the most important things a new golfer can do to ensure they get started on their golf journey correctly is to learn how to properly hold the club. Golfers of all abilities can have issues around a proper grip but it is much easier to learn how to grip the club rather than having to unlearn a poor grip and then relearn the correct one. Changing habits can be hard, so learning the proper grip from the beginning is a big head start to playing better golf. So what does the grip influence and how do you know


Golf Live Coach Testimonial, Lucas Cohen | Convenient and Versatile Golf Instruction for Instructors and Students!

I’m super excited about using this awesome groundbreaking technology of the GolfLive App. It is so convenient from both an instructor and a student standpoint, which is the name of the game these days, convenience. From delivering lessons from the comfort of my home in the evening time after I put my children to sleep. To teaching on a rainy day when I was unable to teach outdoors, the technology simply allows me to have more availability. Teaching at off-peak hours adds another lesson or two to my schedule. When people say there aren’t enough hours in the day, we’ll